Intercom Kit Sparco Jet - Nexus connection

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Produced by the well-known Sparco brand, this convenient andaffordable intercom system (headphones + microphone) is intended for use with JET helmets  / open helmets.

The speakers / "headphones" of Sparco's intercom aremounted at the earpiece inside the helmet using a Velcro, the microphone ismounted in the helmet front with adhesive tape or a smaller screw.


The speakers are of high quality and provide a clear and goodsound so you do not risk losing any information during your car race / rally.

The microphone has built-in noise reduction and transmits speechbut removes a large part of the background noise.

The connector connector is of Nexus model and fits Peltor as wellas the Sparco IS-140 amplifier.

Can be retrofit in all sports helmets such as Sparco / Arai /Peltor and Stilo.


Overall, a very good communication system for rally, race and GTracing.

Sparco is the world's leading manufacturer of equipment for Rally & Racing and Karting The company was founded in 1977 by two young drivers who wanted to improve their own equipment, now over 40 years later, the Sparco world leader in fire resistant protective equipment for racing.
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