Conversion kit Raket 95 - From Cadet to Micro (Finland)

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NOTE:  Only for use in FINLAND. 

A complete kit containing everything you could require to turn your Raket 95 cadet into a - Micro class engine.
The transformation is easily accomplished with a few hours spent in the garage. 


  • Start/Stop box ( Battery with Aluminium casing with included start and stop buttons ) 
  • Battery charger 
  • Bracket to mount battery on frame
  • Complete electric starting motor 
  • 16mm exhaust flange 
  • Ignition Coil without RPM-Limitation 
  • All the gaskets you need ( 5pcs for cylinder base, 2pcs for intake and 1pcs for exhaust ) 
  • Different bracket for the accelerator cable 
  • All the required bolts and attachments 
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