Zodiac Freetalk Mini Team Package 6-pac

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Zodiac Freetalk Mini is a smooth high-end combi radio that fits perfectly into the racing depot where you within the team need fast and secure communication with each other.

Complete package with charger for all units

The radio is light, smooth and discreet and is not in the way when lying in the jack pocket or in the belt.

Various functions that are set manually via the menu button include automatic shutdown, time-limited transmission, battery saving, own ID, voice control (VOX), and speech distortion (scrambling).

Package contains:

  • 6 pc Freetalk Mini
  • 1 pc Charger for 6 units
  • 6 pc Secret Service Headset

  • Small smooth and durable
  • Built-in compander provides crystal clear sound
  • The voice
  • Own IDs (see who is calling)
  • Voice control
Zodiac has been on the Swedish market since 1963 and stands for Swedish quality and design. Zodiac quickly became a well-known and well-liked brand when more and more people discovered the high quality and user-friendly performance of our products. We offer Zodiac's range that we adapted to use in racing paddocks where the requirements are high on fast and secure communication
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