Junior Helmet LS2 FF353J White S

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€ 99,50:-

Junior helmet for Karting made by LS2, lots of smart features and high quality - at a low price!

Highly recommended as an entry helmet for motor sports.

Certified according to latest ECE 22.05.

The gokart helmet has a shell made of moulded EPS plastic, the inner shell has a number of different deformation zones for the highest safety.

The map helmet also has an unusually low weight (only 1200g) which reduces the risk of neck injuries, it also reduces the risk of fatigue of the neck muscles during longer driving sessions.

The children's helmet comes in sizes adapted for children / juniors:

(The measurement refers to the circumference of the head just above the ears)

Small: 48-49cm

Medium: 49-50cm

Large: 51-52cm

The interior / lining is soft and comfortable, it is also removable and washable.

Behind the soft fabric are pieces of laser-cut foam for the best fit.

At the lower jaw there is an extra piece of interior that goes under the chin, this greatly reduces noise / noise and makes the helmet quieter.

All furnishings are of "kind" material that does not cause allergies or irritate the skin.

The map helmet has very good ventilation with a large air intake at the mouth and two intakes at the top of the head.

Inside the helmet are moulded ventilation ducts that help to transport moisture and heat away from the head, this is led out and away via an opening at the rear.

All 3 vents can be closed / opened independently of each other.

The buckle is easily operated even with gloves, the buckle is also equipped with a quick-release function, which makes it very quick and easy to snap open.

The visor opens in the middle of the front edge, no complicated knobs or locks. You also change the visor in seconds without any tools.

The helmet is prepared for pinlock (One type of double glass that eliminates the risk of fogging)

The visor is treated with a durable "clear coat" that makes the visor resistant to scratches and damage.

The helmet is sold with a transparent visor, but there are several coloured and dark visors to buy for.

A good basis for the visor range:

Transparent visor used at clouds and rain

Colour toned to changing clouds or weak sun

Smoke-coloured / dark to radiant sun

Supplied with storage bag with soft interior.

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