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VHT FLAMEPROOF™ Coating will renew and extend the life of any surface exposed to extremely high temperatures. This unique coating is widely used by the automotive industry on exhaust systems, and the aerospace industry for jet engines, re-entry vehicles and other high temperature paint applications.

Temperature:  704°C-1093°C (1300°F-2000°F) Intermittent

Dry Time: Curing time required and can be done on or off vehicle (see below).

Applications: Headers, Exhaust Systems, Piston Domes, Inside Heads

Finish: Flat


VHT FLAMEPROOF™ Coating only attains its unique properties after correct curing (refer to instructions on the can).

On the Vehicle

  • Paint must be completely dry before curing
  • Run at idle for 10 minutes
  • Cool for 20 minutes
  • Run at idle for 20 minutes
  • Cool for 20 minute
  • Run under normal operating conditions for 30 minutes

Off the Vehicle

  • Paint must be completely dry before curing
  • Heat to 250°F (121°C) for 30 minutes
  • Cool for 30 minutes
  • Heat to 400°F (204°C) for 30 minutes
  • Cool for 30 minutes
  • Heat to 650°F (343°C ) for 30 minutes

VERY HIGH TEMPERATURE is what VHT stands for and VERY HIGH TEMPERATURE is what VHT products are all about.


FlameProof paint can withstand temperatures of up to 2000°F, which makes it perfect for your headers, exhaust systems, turbo housings, or anything you need high heat paint for! VHT's complete line-up includes products for your automotive exterior and interior dress-up applications. VHT's paints and coatings offer everything you need for your high heat application.

The VHT Brand

VHT is a division of Dupli-Color®, a Sherwin-Williams brand. And together, we strive to be the leader in the automotive specialty coatings industry, bringing an expanded product line with our continuing quality promise to the market.

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