Rally & Racing

Rally & Racing equipment

Radne Motor has a wide range of equipment for you who is doing rally, racing, folkrace or drifting. We only sell professional gadgets that can withstand extreme driving.

Our range is geared towards you who is between 10-18 years old. We have been active in racing for 50 years so we know what is required of your equipment. With a large stock we can deliver the racing equipment you order quickly.

Did you know this about drifting?

The country where drifting first got a hold was Japan. Kunimitsu Takahasi is usually called "The Father of Drifting". Before he began with drifting, he was a Grand Prix driver for both car and motorcycle. The sport grew in the 70s and Kunimitsu was the main innovator in the development of drifting techniques.

You will find just about everything you could possibly need in accessories and equipment for rally, racing, folkrace and drifting in this section. We only sell racing accessories from the leading manufacturers. If you are looking for cheap products you have come to the wrong place. Use quality products instead so that you don't have to worry when you are competing. Make sure your son or daughter has the best in rally and racing equipment!