Personal Equipment

Personal Equipment

We have a wide range of personal equipment for you who are into racing, rally or folkrace. You will find racing apparel, racing shoes, racing helmets and other safety equipment in our range from the leading manufacturers in the market.

Almost all the products you find in this section is fireproof and FIA-approved, all helmets vi sell are fireproof. We stock equipment geared towards folkrace, racing and rally from Sparco, Arai and Alpinestars to name a few, so that we can deliver the orders as fast as possible.

Some of the quality brands we provide:

Arai - Radne motor is the swedish general agent for this Japanese helmet manufacturer. Arai is the market leader and we always have a large stock of their fireproof racing and rally helmets. The helmets are built by hand and the quality is so high that it is one of the few manufacturers whose helmets are approved for use in Formula 1.

Sparco - One of the brands we have in our line up is Sparco who was founded by two racing drivers from Turin, Italy, in 1977. The goals was to increase safety in the racing world where there were numerous of accidents including Formula 1 at that time. Racing equipments from this manufacturer are always of high quality and is in the forefront when it comes to safety. Sparco is of today our best-selling brand and by having a large stock we can deliver on demand.

Buy racing clothing, racing helmets and racing shoes of top quality to your son or daughter from us!