ZeroNoise - technology for extreme conditions

If you are looking for a durable and reliable communication system, ZeroNoise is a safe choice, used at all levels of rallying. The British-Italian team behind ZeroNoise aims to set a new standard in the intercom and communications market, with products that are user-friendly, durable and with a stylish design. The aim is to create a smoother and better experience for everyone in rally, drivers and map readers alike, both on and off the track. The products are designed for the extreme situations that can arise in the sport, and are designed to withstand physical stresses while delivering the best possible audio and signal strength.

At Radne, you'll find a wide range of ZeroNoise products, including headsets, intercom amplifiers, starter kits, as well as adapters and everything in between. Thanks to their holistic approach and user focus, getting started with ZeroNoise systems, both analogue and digital, is simple and straightforward. On the Radne website, we have also made it easy for you, the customer, to easily find which products are compatible with each other, which you can see under each individual product.

In addition to single models and accessories, you can also find complete systems and kits, which is perfect for both beginners and veterans who want to try something new. The kit can be customized and completed by additional products, for example if you want to connect video, or intercom kits for different types of helmets. ZeroNoise is constantly working to improve and innovate their products, and you can always be sure to find the best of their range here on the website.

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