Go-karting on the ice

The ice has settled in many places in northern parts of the world and it's time to take out that old kart that you have standing and turn it into an icekart. We have a lot of equipment and accessories that are good for

Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Many karting engines are water-cooled and on a normal kart track you are not allowed to have glycol in the cooling water, but if you run kart on the ice you must have glycol in the engine. We recommend a 50/50 mixture of concentrated glycol and water.
  • We have studded tires for karting, on a go-kart you need between 40-100 studs per tire to get a good grip on the ice.
  • Ice and water penetrate a little here and there, for example the gas wire can freeze in the outer cable. Try to design so that the water can not penetrate or that you simply drive without a outer cable.
  • Larger rear gears are a must for the kart to be strong. Type 87 or larger. Also consider buying an extra chain that is long. Type 114-116 links
  • Warm clothes are a must, we have balaclavor and underwear in merino wool.
  • Gloves should be neoprene, ordinary winter gloves are too thick so you do not get a grip on the thin steering wheel.

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