Folkrace seat

When acquiring a folkrace seat for the folkrace car, it is important that it is adapted to personal characteristics. Different seats fit different length and width of the driver. Steel pipe or fiberglass designs are most common and there must be sockets for 6-point belts and HANS-compatible high back. One should check what length and weight the chair can accommodate, for example max length and weight. A seat suitable for a maximum of 90 kilos should not be installed for a person of 100 kilos or more. Sometimes the seats can be specified in medium, large and X-large.

A good description of a site that sells seats should contain dimensions of all widths at different heights above the back and back so that one can determine how well it can be adapted with slender pillows.

Don't sell your folkrace seat with the car

Since the seat is not sold together with the car after the end of the race, you can adapt the comfort to the wallet. A real professional people's race seat costs like several monthly salaries but really so luxurious doesn't have to be the beginner's seat. If you can find a used seat that fits well then much is gained if after testing a competition you want to quit. But it is rare, most people get hooked and spend much of their free time trimming together a sensible folkrace car.

Which cars you can use in a competition is determined by the price it is worth. Since it must be sold if someone offers the maximum price of SEK 6,500, it is hardly an idea to make a more expensive car for a folkrace. Most cars tend not to look like pearls on the outside, the emphasis is on the performance trim.

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