Folkrace Seats

Sitting right when driving folk race is one of the most basic things to driving the vehicle in a correct way. If you sit badly, it affects the driving position that affects the operation that affects ... and so on. The spirit is that many factors are affected, especially the driver and his mood. A hundred-meter runner does not run very well in a pair of two numbers too small running shoes, right?

Folkraceseat Seat and harnessess are not included

After a race, the car goes out for sale. The highest price is SEK 6,500 so it is not worthwhile to build with expensive parts and engines. However, the seat and seat belt are not included in the sale. For those who want to start the race, it can be a good way to buy a car that has already been used in competition. But as I said, you have to get your own seat. The most common folk racing seats are steel tubes or fiberglass. New folk racing seats can be purchased from around SEK 2,000 and up. You can get a used race car seat for the thousandths. If you build your own race car, brackets and bolts are also needed.

Only for members 

If you now have a race car with an approved seat and seat belt and all the personal equipment required then you just have to drive, right? Well, there are also some rules that were established by the Swedish Motor Sports Association. You need a license and you get that by becoming a member of a club. Currently, the license costs SEK 780 for seniors and SEK 360 for juniors. You can also count on membership fees. You do not have to have a driving license, but the young person must run a debutant race before the license application is approved.

Time for serious 

If you then need to equip a race car on your own, it will do with any of all series-produced cars that are or have been type-approved in Sweden. As mentioned, keep in mind that the car can be sold after the competition so putting out a lot of money is not worthwhile. But then it's time to start competing. Most of the country competitions are advertised on the Swedish Motor Sports Association.

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