How to set the correct ignition timing on the Raket 95 kart engine

Ignition system for Raket 95

The kart engine Raket 95 is equipped with a Selettra analog Ignition system. It is analog and should not be confused with digital Ignition system that can be manipulated. The ignition system, ont the Raket 95 cannot be altered by reprogramming. It is effective, completely maintenance free and it is very hard to wear it out.

You can not do much about it but we have some good tips for you.

Settings of the Raket 95 Ignition system

You should start by setting the spacing between the poles, ie. the distance between the flywheel and the ignition coil. You do this with an unmagnetic blade size of 0.40 mm that you push between the flywheel magnetic poles and the ignition system. It is important that you choose exactly the position where the magnetic poles are opposite the ignition coil, otherwise it will not be right!

Now we shall check the ignition timing point. Insert an indicator dial gauge clock (part number: 3544) into the spark plug hole. Turn the flywheel until you find the piston's highest position, the so-called upper dead point. Reset the indicator clock or note the value for the upper dead point.

Put the steel gauge on the flywheel as in the picture. Then turn the flywheel clockwise, it is in the normal direction of rotation, and look at the indicator clock. It should normally move one revolution per millimeter.

Turn until the gauge hits the ignition system on the left edge, this is now the ignition point. In this position, the ignition system should give a spark.

If the ignition point is incorrect, you must remove the flywheel with the flywheel puller (part number: 5051).Then you have to remove the flywheel key which is in a groove in the crankshaft and thereby get the right ignition point. You will need to practice several times before it gets right!

NOTE! The key is not needed to hold the flywheel, it is only there to facilitate mounting of the flywheel.

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