Overall rally

When rallying, the overalls are a very important part of the equipment. As a rule, it should be worn in many competitions and during training. So fit, comfort and, not least, safety are important. In that case, it is not good to lower the cost to save money. It is best to have a good budget as the best overall rally costs a fair bit. For around a thousand, you can get a decent overall rally, but usually it is wise to add at least one or two thousand, at least. But if you are new to the game you might not want to spend on overalls for five-figure amounts and that is understandable.

FIA-approved overall rally

An important requirement for competing is that the overalls are FIA-approved, another aspect is the number of layers. The more layers, the more fireproof it becomes. FIA-approved means that the overalls in tests must withstand an open low fire for at least 11 seconds. Test yourself with a timer how long it will take to get out of the rally car from the time a supposed fire breaks out while driving. The seconds to stop, loosen the belt and roll out a bit from the car. If you then assume that it takes a few seconds before extinguishing can begin, then 11 seconds is not a long time.

Clean and proper

Another detail is that it should be easy to clean. An overall that attracts dirt and looks dirty after washing is not a fun clothing item. Imagine standing on the podium during an awards ceremony or in a meeting with sponsors in an overall rally that appears to have been rolled in tar and feathers.

No, a good looking, durable, safe and comfortable fitting overall is what it takes to be a good rally driver. Admittedly, the overalls cannot drive the car but it helps.

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