Rally is a branch of motorsport that runs on roads, for longer distances. This is unlike racing that is run on track where each race is fairly short, if you drive with standard cars. As everyone knows, F1 and other Formula are many laps around a fairly long course. Common to all branches of motorsport is that the driver must have a good rally overall. This also applies to the map reader who goes next to the driver during rally distances. Between the so-called special lanes there are transport lanes that are only for taking the rally car from one punk to another where the next special lane begins. There are common traffic regulations on the transport routes, which some drivers have experienced when they got stuck for speeding and other wrongdoing. We thus come to safety and where the overalls are an important detail, the importance of a safe overall is described in some of our other articles.

Brands and manufacturers of rally overalls

Around the world there are a lot of companies that manufacture all kinds of equipment for rallying. In Sweden, these are sold through a number of retailers and the price varies from approximately SEK 1,000 and up to many SEK 10,000s. Here are some of the best known in the industry:

  • OMP Racing Spa: Officine Meccaniche Percivale. An Italian factory located in Geno, which has been serving motor sports since 1973. Among other things, it can be mentioned that they are one of the Swedish F1 driver Marcus Eriksson's sponsors.
  • Sparco S.p.A is another Italian company focusing on rally and motorsport. Formed in 1977 in Turin, Italy.
  • Alpinestars is another Italian company in motorsport, but with longer experience when it was formed in 1963. Sponsor to Nelson Piquet Junior, among others.

From these companies one can expect prices of just over SEK 3,000 and upwards for rally overalls.

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