Washing advice for your Sparco Karting or Racing Suit

Washing advice for Sparco Rally & Racing suits

If your sut is a flame-resistant Nomex suit from Sparco then we recommend that you dry clean the suit to preserve the flame retardant properties and maintain the shiny surface of the suit so I looks good. Your Sparco suit should be treated in the same way as your ordinary sunday suit.

Between the races, make sure you take off your suit and hang it so it can dry properly. Also, careful not to get oil and stains on it.

If you wash it at home in the washing machine, it should be washed with the inside out on the fine wash program in cold water. Use a wash bag so that the overalls are not destroyed by the washing machine. Put the Velcro straps together so they don't ruin the delicate Nome fabric.

Hang it to dry (not in the sun).


Washing advise for Sparco Karting suit

A karting suit do you need to wash more often than you need to wash a racing suit so it is important to follow these washing instructions to keep your suit nice and clean for a long time.

One tip is to treat the suit with Scotchguard, which is a type of impregnation that effectively protects the suit from both dirt and wet.

We recommend that you dry clean your suit for best results. But you can also wash it at home in a regular washing machine.

Wash the suit inside-out, make sure the zippers and Velcro straps are closed so that they do not destroy the overalls in the machine. Wash it in fine wash in cold water (up to 30 degrees). To remove stains, you can treat the stains with Vanish or similar directly on the stain before wash..

Hang it in and out to dry on a hanger.

Take care of your gear after each race so it stays fresh longer.

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