Tuff Jug, Quick Fueling 20 L White
Tuff Jug, Quick Fueling 20 L White
Tuff Jug, Quick Fueling 20 L White

Tuff Jug

Tuff Jug, Quick Fueling 20 L White




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Product description

Tuff Jug Quick Fill Fuel container that you can use to quickly refuel you kart, bike etc in a completely spill proof way.

Available in different colors, so if you have different oil mixtures or unmixed and mixed, you can have different colors on your Tuff jug.

  • 20 l with quick fill
  • Optional adapter snaps onto spill-proof spout and lets you use the Tuff Jug with karts, marine, lawn mowers and autos
  • Spill-proof, self-sealing spout automatically pours and shuts off as level in tank fills to end of spout
  • Wide-mouth design for easy pouring of additives and observing level when filling
  •  Jug bottom is designed to prevent sliding and spilling in your truck bed


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