Find your new Sparco Racing shoes for racing trackdays races and rally in our large range of racing shoes from Sparco & Alpinestars

All shoes in this category are FIA-approved shoes and are therefore flameproof / fireproof shoes.

They also all have the same approval, FIA 8856-2018 FIA 8856-2000 and SFI 3.3/5. Which is the requirement in the vast majority of motor sports. If you are looking for shoes for races or rally shoes and racing shoes, you can safely choose what you want among all the Sparco shoes in this category.

Almost all Sparco shoes use the same sole: It is very thin and flat to give you good contact with the pedals. The heel part is extra rounded and reinforced, it provides a more stable and comfortable "bottom" for the foot to rest on in the car and makes it easy to dose gas and brake by angling the foot.

You will find the biggest differences between the shoes in the material (Suede / Leather) and Lacing (Velcro / Shoelace).

All shoes have the latest FIA classification / FIA approval and work for everything from folk races to track days, but it can be smart to choose a shoe according to your sport:

If you drive a motor sport with elements of off-road and are looking for shoes for example rally cross kart or racing shoes, then you should choose a shoe made of leather rather than suede, as it is easier to wipe off / clean the leather shoes.

If you stay 100% on asphalt, the material is not very important for your shoe care. Sparco Slalom are made in an artificial suede material, all other shoes including Sparco Slalom+ (plus) are made in genuine leather/suede.

If you need to save as much weight as possible in your race car, we recommend the Sparco X-light and X-light+ shoes, these shoes weigh less than half of the other models. However, they are very thin and sensitive, not recommended as folk race shoes or rally shoes.

Shoe size racing shoes:

Generally speaking you can choose the same size in Sparco shoes as in your regular everyday shoes, possibly you should have a size smaller than normal because you want your racing shoes to fit as tightly as possible on your feet.

If you have very wide feet, and sometimes have problems with shoes pinching the sides of the foot, you can however consider taking a size larger. All Sparco shoes stretch with use and within 1-2 hours will become "equivalent to half to one size bigger", above all they will be a little wider over the toes.

We offer a free size change for all our Sparco shoes and if you want help finding the right model or size, you can always call / email us and we will help you!

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