Sim racing, also known as Simulator Racing, is a fun and affordable addition to track racing and a great way to keep going during the off season.

With a professional racing simulator, you can today get very close to the feeling of a real racing experience but at a significantly lower price.

When putting together your simulator setup / racing rig, you should first think about which motor sports you want to focus on. The steering wheel and pedals can often be modified by replacing the steering wheel itself, but the rig is fixed and adapted for different sports right from the start.

In our range we have simulators for Karting/Gokart, Formula 1 / F1 / GP Racing as well as GT racing or rally and drifting.

If you want to try a few different sports, we recommend a Sparco Cockpit Evolve 3.0 as the basis of the simulator, this is mainly made for GT racing and off-road racing with a relatively upright driving position, but with a little adaptation can also work well for formula car racing and others racing branches.

Step two is to choose a driver's seat for your simulator. Here it is very much about your personal preferences. The chairs are available in two different sizes: Standard and Large. Up to approx. 85kg/185cm you fit well in a standard seat, if you are bigger than that you should choose a Large model such as Sparco EVO II / L or Sparco Sprint L.

Choosing a steering wheel is the most difficult but perhaps also the most fun part of your setup.

All steering wheels and pedals in our range are made by Moza, but all our simulators / sim rigs work perfectly with all possible manufacturers of simulator steering wheels.

We at Radne have chosen to cooperate with Moza Racing as we believe that Moza offers a lot of functions for a reasonable price - they are simply very affordable wheels of good quality.

All steering wheel bases in the Moza range are of the Direct Drive type (Abbreviated; DD).

This means that the steering wheel is mounted directly on the output shaft of the electric motor that handles the rotation, you have no kind of wire brace or gearbox between your hands and the feedback motor.

This eliminates any kind of backlash and makes the feel significantly more snappy and distinct. In addition, the steering wheel becomes more sensitive and can deliver a more detailed feedback.

Your feedback strength is measured in Nm / Newton meters, I would strongly recommend that you buy a steering wheel base with at least 7nm strength. In Moza's range, this will be the steering wheel base R9 V2, with 9nm strength.

Moza also has a simpler model called the R5 and that wheel base has direct drive but only 5nm power, 5nm might be enough to start testing the concept of sim racing, but you'll want to update it relatively quickly. A base around 9-10nm will keep you happy for a long time, often forever. If you want the worst from the start, go for the Moza R21 which has 21nm, but a warning that this is STRONG - prepare yourself for sweat and pain.

In addition to Moza, we can also recommend steering wheel bases from Fanatec, Simcube, Asetek.

Games to focus on for a simulator experience would be iRacing, Assetto Corsa, Automobilista, and for a more arcade experience you could go for Grand Turismo 7 or Project Cars 2

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