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Privacy policy and handling of personal data

Radne Motor AB owns the domain and stores private and corporate customers' data in cases where an order or purchase has been made via the website, in our physical store, at events, fairs and competitions or participation in competitions via social media, on the website or events.

Purpose of storing personal data:

- We want our customers to be able to log in to "my account" in a simple and convenient way and thus have a clear overview of their shopping basket, invoicing and order processing. To register as a new customer or to make a purchase, we require that the customer is at least 18 years old.

- Radne Motor AB stores personal data for the purpose of marketing products, market research, analysis and statistics, promotions, services or information about competitions and events. The information is sent to the recipient in the form of newsletters or other mailings via e-mail and/or mailings. We also target information about our products, promotions, in the form of advertising via social media (Facebook, Instagram).

Description of categories of data subjects and personal data:

- We register our private and business customers in our systems in connection with registration as well as processing of incoming orders, outgoing delivery of ordered products, return or exchange of ordered goods, invoicing - and crediting of customers.

- Where you as a customer accept our terms and conditions of purchase and privacy, we reserve the right to segment based on indicated age, gender, county, city, in order to target relevant marketing and advertising via email, social media, advertising or postal mailings.

Categories of organizations that may access the data:

- We do not share stored data (with the exception of matters relating to the delivery and transport of products, competition results at events, matters relating to financial matters such as payment, invoicing, crediting or in case of suspected crime and matters required by authorities or legislation).

Transfer of data to another country or organisation:

- We do not share stored data, with the exception of competition results from events or in matters relating to payment matters. In the case of competitions organised by Radne Motor AB, we request consent to the storage of personal data in the form of an attachment in connection with the registration of engine numbers. Minors must have the consent of a guardian.

Time limit for deletion of data:

- We only store personal data as long as the information is relevant for our purposes (see above description for "purpose of storing personal data").

- If you no longer wish to be included in our storage of personal data, please contact us via or send information by post to: Radne Motor AB, Markörgatan 2, 136 44 Handen, Sweden.

- We give priority to incoming requests for deletion of personal data held. We guarantee incoming requests for deletion of data within two months of receiving the request*. As a rule, we respond to incoming requests with a reply email or by post confirming receipt of your request. We therefore ask you to pay attention and get back to us if we have not confirmed receipt of your request within seven working days.

- With regard to the Bookkeeping Act (1999:1078), we store the related case and personal data for at least seven years. We do not store personal data longer than necessary.

- *Radne Motor AB reserves the right to postpone or refuse immediate removal and deletion of personal data in cases where the individual or company has incurred debts, is overdue with its payment or in the event of possible legal proceedings with Radne Motor AB.

Description of the security measures used in the processing of personal data:

We do not share personal data and all information is protected by Radne Motor AB.

Changes to our privacy policy

Radne Motor AB reserves the right to make adjustments to our privacy policy in order to update and improve the information provided to you as a customer. In the event of any adjustment to our privacy policy, we will publish the information here on our website.

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