CTEK Battery Charger CS One
CTEK Battery Charger CS One
CTEK Battery Charger CS One
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CTEK Battery Charger CS One



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APTO™ technology automatically recognises the type of battery you are using and then automatically delivers a customised charging programme that shows you how long it will be before the battery is charged and ready to use. There are no buttons to push or modes to select - just connect the CS ONE to any 12V battery and charge. Thanks to the polarity-free clamps, you don't even have to worry about which clamp goes where - you'll never misconnect again. The clamps are also non-sparking, so don't worry if you accidentally make them touch. Access additional features using the Bluetooth®-enabled CTEK app. Select "RECOND" to reset and recondition your battery. Select "WAKE UP" for lithium batteries with undervoltage protection or to revive heavily discharged lead-acid batteries. Select "SUPPLY" to turn the CS ONE into a useful 12 V power supply. You can also monitor the voltage and amperage supplied by the charger.


  • The RECOND option is used to recover and recondition lead-acid batteries.
  • The WAKE UP option is used to revive seemingly dead lithium and lead-acid batteries.
  • 12V SUPPLY is used to support the battery during servicing and maintain contact power to the vehicle during battery replacement/removal.
  • ADVANCED SETTINGS is used to monitor charger voltage and amperage.
  • Safe to leave connected for maintenance charging for extended periods.
  • New durable design that make it easy to handle, with a unique mounting system on the back for quick connection to CS accessories.
  • 5 year warranty.


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