Inlet Silencer Alien Mini CIK/FIA Red

Righetti Ridolfi

Inlet Silencer Alien Mini CIK/FIA Red



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Product description

CIK homologated inlet noise filter for the international Mini category.

The Regulation requires a maximum volume of 3 liters with a single piece molding and one 23mm hole tube.

Righetti were able to produce an intake silencer with very interesting features and performances thanks to the long experience of inlet silencers.

The rubber connection, which connects the carburetor to the intake silencer, is designed specifically for the Dell'Orto PHBG 18mm carburettor. The assembly allows a very clean and turbulence-free air flow.

The intake tube has an extremely accentuated conical shape and its air intake helps the entry of air at higher speed.

This feature produces a slight overpressure at high speed and at the same time it guarantees a greater flow of fuel at low speed during acceleration.

For use in the event of rain, a quick-release rain cover has been produced and still allows high performance.


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