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Safety equipment, driver clothing, team clothing and pit clothing, we have everything you need

Radne Motor has everything you need for motorsports specially for karting, go-kart. Here you can find equipment such as helmet, gloves, overalls, visor, shoes, underwear, safety equipment such as neck collar, racing overall, gloves, rain-overall, rib protector helmets etc. You’ll also find clothing for your team such as work gloves, safety shoes, overalls, shoes, team clothes, umbrellas, rainwear.

Radne Motor is open all year to meet your needs for safety equipment and racing clothing karting, go-kart, rental kart. With a large stock of motorsport products; karting, kart-cross, go-kart, kart we can deliver the driver equipment you ordered from manufactors as Sparco, Alpinestars, Tillet and EVS

You will find everything you may need in accessories; safety equipment, helmets, visors, gloves, team clothes and a lot of other equipment for karting, go-kart, kart in this section. We only sell high-qulity racing products from the most famous brands; Sparco, Alpinestars, Tillet and EVS, (to mention a few) and our own designed products; high quality, high safety, for best performance and to make you look tough when you meet your competitors in the depot. Sparco, Alpinestars, Tillet and EVS

In order to experience the best racing, you should invest in a high-quality functional equipment. We have racing products such as racing shoes, racing gloves, racing overalls, We have several well-known brands in our range such as Sparco, Alpinestars, Tillet and EVS which means that you will surely find products with a good fit that gives you a nice racing experience, whether you are karting, go-kart, kart, rallying, racing, kart-cross, rally-x or drifting.

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