Alfano 7 Datalogger 2T
Alfano 7 Datalogger 2T
Alfano 7 Datalogger 2T
Alfano 7 Datalogger 2T
Alfano 7 Datalogger 2T
Alfano 7 Datalogger 2T
Alfano 7 Datalogger 2T
Alfano 7 Datalogger 2T


Alfano 7 Datalogger 2T



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Product description

Alfano 7

Alfano 7 is a state-of-the-art data logger for karting, designed to enhance performance for both motorsport enthusiasts and professionals. This device is packed with advanced features such as easy data download to mobile for analysis. You can connect a variety of sensors to the Alfano 7, and new to this model is the ability to connect wireless tire temperature and pressure sensors.

Unlike many of Alfano's competitors, this one is water-resistant and can handle wet racing conditions.

1. High-Precision GPS

Alfano 7 features a 25 Hz GPS system that utilizes four satellite constellations: GALILEO (EU), NAVSTAR (USA), GLONASS, and BEIDOU. Being able to read multiple GPS systems improves the accuracy of data, including time and track, and provides precise positioning crucial for racing.

2. Wireless Communication

Equipped with wireless features, Alfano 7 supports a range of wireless sensors. You can purchase sensors to measure tire pressure and temperature, with more peripheral devices expected in the future. This eliminates the need for cables and simplifies setup and data logging.

3. Extended Battery Life

With a battery life of 40 hours, Alfano 7 ensures you can complete an entire race weekend on a single charge, even multiple races on the same charge. The device also supports charging via a power bank, allowing you to charge without removing the Alfano from the kart.

4. Bluetooth Connectivity

Alfano 7 features the latest Bluetooth technology for seamless data transfer to smartphones, tablets, and computers. This functionality enables quick and easy downloading and analysis of data through apps on mobile devices or iPads.

5. Comprehensive Data Analysis

Alfano is the only one that offers in-depth data analysis via smartphone or tablet. The dedicated app provides tools to analyze session data, including lap times, sector times, and tracks, directly from iPhone or Android.

Alfano 7 is designed for versatility and is primarily developed for karting but also works for other types of racing. Its robust design ensures durability against external elements such as water, dust, and shocks, making it a reliable companion in demanding races.


Alfano 7 sets a new standard for data loggers in racing with its advanced GPS, wireless capabilities, extended battery life, and comprehensive data analysis tools. A clear choice for the future if you want to gain a competitive edge through precise data collection and real-time performance insights.

Available in two different versions, Alfano 7 and Alfano 7 2T, the difference is that you can connect two temperature sensors to the 2T model and only one temperature sensor to the regular model.


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