Unipro Unigo 7006 GPS Kit 1
Unipro Unigo 7006 GPS Kit 1
Unipro Unigo 7006 GPS Kit 1
Unipro Unigo 7006 GPS Kit 1
Unipro Unigo 7006 GPS Kit 1
Unipro Unigo 7006 GPS Kit 1


Unipro Unigo 7006 GPS Kit 1



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Product description

Unigo from Unipro - a brand new model with the same exterior

Unigo continues to lead the market in terms of innovation for kart laptimers. The unit is developed, designed and manufactured in Denmark and Unipro Laptimers that were put on the market as early as 1986 with advanced laptimers for karts and cars.

Unigo uses a very advanced GPS receiver that measures the position and direction of the kart with 100hz technology.

The Unigo 7006 has built-in accelerometers that measure the movement of the kart and also the movement of the steering wheel so that you can get graphs in the computer that show the steering movements, perfect tool for reducing the small movements of the steering wheel.

Most tracks around the world are available in the Unigo unit directly, or are downloadable via the Internet where web sections with suitable split sections are already posted.

So as you drive, the driver can see improvements in each section with the help of the clear LEDs. Unigo flashes to red or green if you improve section time. This way, the driver does not need to finish the lap to see improvement.


Analysis Software

Unigo comes with the most easy to use and at the same time the most advanced analysis software on the market. With lots of features to quickly and easily document driving and analyze and compare drivers.

Download a demo version here to see all the features and test the functionality. Also unique is that the software is available for both Mac and PC.



There are three different power supply methods to use.

  • 6 AA batteries (battery holder included in Kit 1 and Kit 2, batteries purchased separately)
  • DC / DC Converter, you can connect UniGo directly to the battery on the map (Recommended) (Optional equipment)
  • LiPo Battery (Extra Equipment)



Technical data:

  • Memory: Large, can store more data than you have use for
  • GPS: 100 Hz
  • Inputs: Lap time, Position, RPM, 2 x Temperature, Speed, Gear position, Ambient temperature
  • Lap time sensor: GPS, Magnet, Infrared, MyLaps Loop *
  • Audio: Audio feedback with lap times on headphones *
  • Part time: GPS, Magnet or Wheel sensor
  • Expandable: Yes, with Unibox
  • Display: 256x160 px
  • Backlight: Yes
  • LED Warnings: 5 very clear LED diodes, programmable
  • Data transfer: WiFi, USB *, Unigo FlashKey *
  • Dimensions: 131.5 x 94.0 x 20.0 mm (5.18 "x 3.70" x 0.79 ")


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