LeCont LH 03 J125/S125 11 x 7,1-5


LeCont LH 03 J125/S125 11 x 7,1-5



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This is one of the most commons on th tracks around Sweden. A soft tires that give good grip on dry circuits. This back tire is used in classes 125 Junior and Senior 125 in sweden. 

To get optimum grip tire pressure should be adjusted based on the nature of the track, driving style and air temperature. A good rule is to use an air pressure of about 0,8 bar and then adjust up or down depending on the above properties. A high tire pressure can be advantageous in colder weather or if you experience little grip on the track but keep in mind that there are opportunities to adjust the settings of the chassis that allows you to get more or less grip, depending on what you are after.  

The ideal tire pressure is difficult to get to but if you succeed, you can gain some tenths.


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