Recaro seats

The German company Recarco was founded in 1906 and started manufacturing seats in the 1960s. The head office is located in Stuttgart where you also have manufacturing. From the beginning, they rebuilt bodies but decided to saddle. Numer is one of the world's largest manufacturers of seats for various vehicles such as aircraft, trains and cars. In addition, they manufacture child seats and roller seats. Almost all of the world's car brands have Recarco seats in one or more of their models. For cars you also have a department that provides rally and racing cars with high quality driver's seats. Recarco seats are well known in the automotive sport and many rally drivers have sat in one at some time. For the beginner, Recarco's models may not be something to focus on in the first place, as the price far exceeds, for example, Sparco's cheapest chair.

Some examples of Recarco seats

PRO RACER SP-A is a model for exclusive racing drivers. Renowned racing teams choose this chair especially for the headrest that corresponds to the HANS system. The chair holds the driver in place when strong G forces rule. The shell of carbon fiber is molded with autoclave technology.

  • Weight is only 4 kg (shell)
  • Head
  • Non-slip axle support
  • Holes for belts 3-inch
  • lumbar support
  • In-depth side support
  • The seat is divided into two pillows
  • The seat cushion is non-slip
  • The price is around SEK 25 to 30,000

RECARO PRO RACER ULTIMA 1.0 is an ultra-lightweight carbon fiber chair. Designed for the HANS system with sockets for 4, 5, or 6-point belts. Flame and fire resistant resistant upholstery material. The seat is wider than usual with an extra diameter of 2 cm. The weight of the shell is 9.7 kg, total weight 13.1 kg. Price about SEK 50 - 55,000.


  • The shell of the seat is made of reinforced reinforced fiberglass
  • Prepared for 4, 5 or 6-point belt
  • Flame- and fire-proof padding
  • Interchangeable backrest and seat cushion
  • The seat has soft cushions for the lower back
  • Weight 7.7 kg
  • Width 50 cm
  • Seat bowl width 36 cm
  • The width at the shoulders is 58 cm
  • Total height 85 cm
  • Price about SEK 12-14,000

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