What are rally gloves?

Racing gloves from Sparco - Purchase guide and information
Racing gloves are an important part of your racing equipment!
Your grip on the steering wheel is crucial to getting a good feeling in steering the car - In addition to a less exact feeling, a bad grip can also cause arm pump/cramp in the forearms as you will need to hold on to the steering wheel too hard.
Important differences between our various racing gloves, rally gloves and driving gloves from Sparco and Alpinestars:
Gloves for racing and rallying can be divided into two main groups - Gloves with internal seams & gloves with external seams.
The most common, both for racing gloves and gloves in general, are internal seams. These gloves are easier to manufacture and therefore also cheaper to buy, but they can be perceived as less comfortable and give you less contact with the steering wheel of your vehicle.
External seams are used on more expensive racing gloves and are also common on finer leather gloves.
By moving the seams to the outside of the fingers instead of the inside, you get less fabric that folds/folds against your fingers. This is more comfortable and can also give you better blood flow in your fingers.
Our most popular race gloves with internal seams (standard) are Sparco Land. For outside seams, Sparco Arrow and Sparco Tide are very popular.
Fit / Size:
On every Sparco glove / product on the website you will find a size guide that gives a good indication of which size to choose. The racing gloves should be tight when they are new, after you have driven for an hour or two they will mold to your fingers and stretch a little. Expect the gloves to be around ~½ size bigger after they have been used for a while. Make sure you don't have too much loose fabric in the palm of your hand when you cup your hand, otherwise the extra fabric can get stuck between the steering wheel and hand and impair contact with the car.
Increased grip strength
Racing gloves are designed with grip in mind, with a grip surface made of durable silicone or suede you get maximum grip on the steering wheel which makes it easier to control the racing car more precisely, it also reduces the risk of cramping in the forearms because you don't have to hold the steering wheel as hard in the curves.
Protection and Comfort
All our racing gloves are FIA-classified and approved for competition and training. The gloves are also fireproof and these flameproof gloves are an important part of your car racing safety equipment.
Check with your federation/regulations what you need to use, in general you need to use FIA approved gloves for all events other than simpler track days.
In conclusion, racing gloves and car racing gloves are an important piece of equipment for both beginners and experienced car drivers. They improve your performance, increase your safety and allow you to relax more in your hands and arms when driving. At Radne, we offer a wide selection of high-quality gloves in various sizes and styles. We always offer free open purchase and resizing of your equipment.

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