Gloves Sparco Arrow RG-7.1 Black


Gloves Sparco Arrow RG-7.1 Black




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The Arrow RG-7.1 from Sparco is one of the best racing gloves on the market and provides an incredible grip on the wheel with superior comfort.
 The palm is internally coated with a layer of "Sparco-HTX" with the highest possible grip.
 HTX is a Sparco-patented material that makes really good contact with the steering wheel without preventing finger movement.
 Another Sparco-exclusive feature is Touch-S technology which enables a "Touch Sensitive" index finger and thumb.
 Fireproof touch material on the fingertips means you can use your mobile without taking off your gloves.
 Sparco Arrow has low weight, pre-bent fingers, outer seams and a unique inner thumb seam that provides unparalleled comfort:
 -Most models have the seams on the inside, this makes the gloves easier to manufacture, but is not optimal from a comfort point of view.
The Arrow RG-7.1 racing gloves for auto racing from Sparco instead have outside seams, when you close your hands around the steering wheel the 'folds' around the seams end up on the outside of the fingers instead of the inside. This means that you do not risk discomfort and reduced blood flow to the fingertips.
The inside of the racing gloves Sparco Arrow is almost completely covered with various silicone parts that provide a maximum grip around the steering wheel, at the same time the silicone is durable and protects the suede fabric against chafing from the steering wheel.

FIA-Approved ( FIA 8856-2018 ) Meets the requirements for the vast majority of motor sports


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