Rib Protector FIA Tillett P1 Defender Bl
Rib Protector FIA Tillett P1 Defender Bl
Rib Protector FIA Tillett P1 Defender Bl
Rib Protector FIA Tillett P1 Defender Bl
Rib Protector FIA Tillett P1 Defender Bl
Rib Protector FIA Tillett P1 Defender Bl


Rib Protector FIA Tillett P1 Defender Bl




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Product description

Invest in a rib protector that is both comfortable and protects you from impact and injury. The P1 Defender is a durable protector that has industry-leading properties and is also approved for international karting competitions. It is comfortable, safe and flexible, all in one.

P1 Defender

With the P1 Defender you get an all-round protector that has retained its specific protective properties from previous variants and added additional protection. The uniquely designed panels spread the load of an impact and distribute it to the stronger upper ribs while sparing the lower ones. A specially designed shock-absorbing foam helps to absorb impact and increase comfort.

As the rib protector is thin and flexible, there is no need to replace your current chair.

P1 Defender is homologated according to FIA 8870-2018 which is mandatory for official international CIK FIA competitions.

Flexible and adjustable

The P1 Defender rib protector is adjustable in many ways and can also be adapted to your chest angle. With a few simple steps, you can ensure that your protection fits properly with the help of Velcro and straps. You can adjust up to 30 mm in the back if necessary.

The cover is made to allow you to wear a thin shirt underneath and your karting suit.

Wide range of sizes 

The Tillett P1 Defender is available in many sizes and colours for you to choose from. Use the size guide to find the right size for your build. Measure your height and chest circumference and then choose a size based on your measurements. It couldn't be easier.

The importance of size

When you have an FIA approved rib protector, the size of the protector must match your height. Here you will find a detailed size guide for the Tillett P1 Defender.

The many benefits of the P1 Defender

  • The P1 Defender allows you to move around unhindered and focus on your driving.
  • It is easy to set and adjust to your chest size and angle.
  • The flexible straps make it easy to put on and take off.
  • Stylish and lightweight and the thinnest rib protector on the market.
  • P1 Defender is also FIA classified and approved.
  • FIA Classified 8870-2018



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